Buttoned in style!

Think before you produce:this is the motto behind each and every company choice
in the creation of models in line with market requirements and the latest fashion trends. The company produces seasonal collections with new models, which reflect the fashion trends of different designers.

The company

From the time it was founded in 1955, Bottonificio LA PERLA has developed while maintaining its primary characteristic of a family run business. A radical change in management occurred however in 1991 when the daughters of the two remaining partners, Ragionieri and Volpi, took over from three of the five founders who went into well-earned retirement.This change has proved to be a dynamic and positive one especially in view of increasing relations with other European and world’s countries.

This result is obtained thanks to continuous research and special study of new shapes that give the accessory the chance to complete the garment on which it will be applied. Bottonificio LA PERLA guarantees quality and prompt deliveries by carrying out all the different stages of production, from the samples to the end product in its Empoli factory where the latest Laser technologies are backed by the invaluable work of famous craftsmen from Tuscany.

With its dynamic company organisation, Bottonificio LA PERLA offers a solution to every need, from on-the-spot special colouring to prompt realisation and reproduction of customer drawings and designs. An excellent customer service is guaranteed thanks to a capillary sales network, which ensures ongoing assistance to customers. The most important company’s aim is to assure that the button harmonise with the garments of which it is a functional and aesthetical enrichment. So, since 1955, a little accessory as button is, has been having the role of protagonist.

Draco Racing Team

International Draco Racing Team. One of our greatest passions are the challenges, and challenges generate excitement, adrenaline and desire to emerge.
It's in this winning mix that we exalt, involving us in first person as a sponsor of the International Dragon Racing Team in the GP2 championship, where attention to detail, continuous innovation and the desire to overcome the limits, bring us to invest in potential success stories.
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Production and Sale

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